Blind Bat Strikes On Delegate Night

“What the Holy-Mother-of-Oedipus is that?”

“Is that a bird? Is that a plane? OMGOMG is it a bat?”

“It’s not just a bat; it’s a blind bat, a blind-f***ing-bat whose radar has failed”

We’d witnessed the most ridiculous air-borne disaster in the history of West Bengal ever since the Japanese had bombed Bhawanipore; either that or some ill-fated, drunk rodent was kidding itself trying to fly.

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Tales From the Intrasite

A large part of being human is adjusting to change. In the KGP MUN ’14, the biggest change was the introduction of the Intranet – the virtual answer to all chit-exchanging needs. Instead of delegates sending messages written on pieces of paper, they could exchange messages virtually.

The one constant, however, was the IP’s privilege to snoop.

Er, read messages.

Along the way, we’ve seen a lot of interesting conversations. We intercepted flirty messages between delegates that were peppered with winking emoticons, frantic messages in all caps, short missives in different languages (none of which was inspired by Tolkein) and a few mysterious notes none of the delegates remember sending.

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All four issues of the conference newsletter  for IIT KGP MUN 2014 can now be accessed from the following links.

Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4



(Ed: Infested with bad puns I, thus, have been waiting for this for a long long time) 

After a really sad start to the second day, the committee was momentarily jolted into action by a crisis presented before the Disarmament Committee. China and Iran setting up a Status of Forces Agreement in a region where new untapped Uranium resources were found was suspicious, “especially since Iran’s invitation to the Geneva-2 had been revoked and they needed to make a statement”, said the delegate of USA. Surprisingly, the delegate of Iran accepted that  the use of the base was going to be nuclear research and clarified that the base was temporary and would be used only for energy and electricity . The delegates of Iran and China clarified that the base was set up to get the help of China, which is more experienced with nuclear technology, in order to boost Iran’s economy. While almost the entire council initially wanted to believe the delegates, due to lack of evidence to the contrary, the paranoia of the delegate of the US despite having recently signed a nuclear deal with Iran was pretty apparent in council. However, by accepting the use of said base as a research facility only and by stating that China did not want to form military bases, the delegate of the UK  delivered a major blow to Read More…

Report:DISEC, Day Two

The start of Day 2 in the DISEC showed about as much promise as the Chair did in coming on time…which was very little. Not only was the conference delayed by one and a half hour, but we also bore witness to a very sad rendition of the Birthday Song. The one interesting thing in the following GSL speech was when Afghanistan very naively accepted help from Iran, despite the presence of US military bases on its soil. Nevertheless, the council (finally) managed to stop its incessant whining and move on to something important when it started discussing which motion to pass in the moderated caucus.

This discussion, which could have led to several more interesting observations, bombed when the delegate of the US managed to convince almost all the countries to refute the motion: Loopholes in the SOFAs. Instead, the committee started discussing the motivation behind establishment of FMBs, a topic which most delegates failed to understand. The delegate of Chad, very spectacularly,  managed to quote the Study Guide word-to-word in his speech – without saying anything about the motivation at all. The other delegates weren’t of much use either.

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